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Alarm over youth cyber crime

“Sexting”, compensated dating, online drug trafficking and consorting with triads are among the many underrated problems of youth cyber crime, according to a survey released yesterday.

Nearly one-third of secondary school pupils polled have visited pornography sites, three-quarters have illegally downloaded music and software, and more than one-third have faked their identity online.

It was also revealed that 11.6 per cent of teenagers have sent a photo of themselves naked to others, and 13.5 per cent have traded pornographic material.

“However, it’s not so much these so-called ‘softer’ crimes that we are concerned about,” said Wilson Chan Man-ho, supervisor of the Federation of Youth Groups.

“It’s the ‘harder’ crimes such as computer hacking, drug purchasing and triad activity that calls for our attention.”

More than 10 per cent of university students have confessed to buying drugs online, hacking into computers, soliciting paid sex in the name of

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