NATO members to get cyber war protection

NATO members to get cyber war protection

NATO leaders meeting in Wales this week, including US President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron, are set to impose a much tougher cyber defence policy and declare that a cyber attack on any one member country is an attack on them all – a move that one leading UK expert calls potentially “one of most significant developments in cyber warfare”.

The move will mean that all 28 NATO nations treat a cyber attack as seriously as physical warfare, with much more serious consequences for any country that ‘bullies’ a small NATO member.

The summit, which is being held at Newport’s Celtic Manor resort on 4,5 September, is the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in Britain. The main venue has been surrounded by a 10-mile ‘ring of steel’ of high-security fencing to protect against terrorist attacks.

And NATO has confirmed that the

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