FBI, Europol and NCA want global approach to fight cyber-crime

Law enforcement giants FBI, Europol and the National Crime Agency called for an international approach to fighting cyber-crime at a conference in London today, whilst also admitting the difficulties around encryption and attribution.

(L-R) Woodward, Archibald, Driscoll, Gemert, Honan

A high-level panel of law enforcement experts discussed cyber-crime policing during the ‘Know your adversary: Who is the cyber-criminal?’ keynote at InfoSec Europe in London today, which was moderated by BH Consulting’s Brian Honan.

Andy Archibald, deputy director of the National Crime Agency’s National Crime Unit (NCCU), started the conservation saying that cyber-crime is – and remains – a major challenge for law enforcement.

“The way cyber-crime has changed criminality is the biggest challenge for law enforcement, certainly during my time in law enforcement,” he said.

Cyber-crime challenges

FBI’s assistant legal attache Michael Driscoll agreed and said that there

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