UK cyber-crime exceeds £16 billion losses, with mobile malware a major threat

There is considerable under-reporting of targeted intrusion attacks in the UK, breaches are likely to increase significantly in scale and damage, then worsen once traditional crime groups exploit the availability of skills, while mobile malware will provide new criminal opportunities according to the latest National Crime Agency (NCA) report.

Cyber-crime and cyber-enabled crimes figure highly in the latest annual National Strategic Assessment (NSA), an analysis by the NCA of serious and organised crime threats affecting the UK.

The document ranges from metal theft to money laundering, but among the cyber-related themes highlighted in the 2015 assessment are an expectation that criminals will focus on mobile malware as the use of apps for financial transactions increases; that there is growing complexity in tracing online criminal activity as the next generation of IP addresses rolls out; and that child sexual exploitation and abuse live online is likely to become more widely available as

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