This Week In Credit Card News: Target’s New Secure Credit Cards, What’s Your Stolen Data Worth?

Target Converts to Credit Cards with PINs, Not Just Signatures, for Security Reasons

Two years after its catastrophic data breach, Target has become the first major credit card issuer to convert to cards that contain a PIN. The decision comes as the FBI is saying that credit and debit cards that require PINs, and not just signatures, are safer. Meanwhile, most banks and other credit card issuers are resisting converting to PINs because of cost and they say customers don’t want another piece PIN in a world filled with passwords. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

New Report Exposes Prices for Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Intel Security released The Hidden Data Economy Report, which details how stolen data is packaged for sale and how much it garners on the black market. The study explored the pricing for stolen debit and credit cards, bank account login credentials, stealth bank transfer services,

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