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Angela Allen, Lloyd Jones: ‘Web Of Lies’ Spotlights Arkansas Teen Found Stuffed In A Barrel By Sex Offender She Met …

Angela Allen, aka Angela Dawn Allen, the missing 16-year old Arkansas girl who was abducted and killed by a man she met online, will be the spotlighted story to air on Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies, a documentary crime show that brings you horrifying stories of people who’ve become victims of online predators. In Wednesday’s Web of Lies, episode entitled ‘Bitter Sweet Sixteen,’ #IDaddicts will hear the disturbing details of how a convicted sex offender lured a young junior high school girl to her death. For her senseless death, a jury convicted him for murder and sentenced him to 60 years in the penitentiary.

On Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies, you’ll learn that Angela Allen went missing from her Van Buren, Arkansas home in 2012. Family members say they last spoke with her earlier that evening when she told them that she was going for a short walk. A

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