WEB OF LIES Video Preview: Did Facebook Love Play Role in Murder of Boxer Eddie Leal?

Investigation Discovery fans are a rare breed: They enjoy the mystery of the unseen, the dangers lurking in the shadows and contemplating the unknown of today’s world. And, they are not afraid to face the fact that evil is a part of life we cannot avoid. Tonight, on Investigation Discovery (ID) hit series WEB OF LIES, the network looks deeper into yet another facet of today’s society that most of us cannot avoid: life online.

In a 21st-century world, we’re increasingly living our lives online, sharing everything in one quick click from vacation photos and observances of daily life to breaking news stories and expressions of our deepest insecurities. Often, life online is a positive way of sharing with those we enjoy having in our lives.

On the flipside of the web, ID’s hit series WEB OF LIES unravels tragic stories of deception and manipulation triggered by online interactions. From predators

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