How a Dark Net drug market survives war

The drugs were wrapped in Ziploc bags, covered in duct tape, and hidden below a balcony right near a crowded sidewalk in Kiev, Ukraine.

The package was left there by a dealer known online as Brooklyn Flea Shop. The product was easy to find for the buyer, someone who goes by the alias of Mahadeva, the name of both the Great God of Hinduism and a legendary evildoer in Buddhism.

Bending below a balcony like this didn’t look natural at all, Mahadeva worried. Someone must have thought it was strange. “The treasure’s location was not very good,” he wrote later. Oh well.

One gram of speed—amphetamine sulfate is the kind of stuff that can induce euphoria, drench you in sweat, and skip your heartbeat—costs 250 Ukrainian hryvnia ($11), paid for in Bitcoin, a cheap buy for a big high.

The exchange on the Kiev sidewalk is known as a dead drop, a drug

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