WEB OF LIES Tonight: Did Major Weight-Loss & Online Love Lead to Life Shake-Up for Victim Heather Jones? (Video …

WEB OF LIES continues tonight on Investigation Discovery, and many fans of the show may empathize with the struggles–and victories–of 33-year-old Heather Jones.

Nowadays, we talk a lot about the importance of having self-confidence in our society. Weight is a struggle for many of us, and whether it is 20 pounds or, as in Heather’s case, 200 pounds, when we lose it, it can be absolutely elating, the sense of freedom and new lease on our everyday lives it gives us. Divorce is also certainly common in this day and age; some numbers will tell us that 50% or more of all marriages today will end in divorce (although that can depend on the study one references, of course). Regardless, divorce is a reality in our society today, and it was a reality for Heather. Combined with a major weight-loss, Heather found herself on a new path for her life.

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