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Shah Rukh Khan’s Darr Being Updated Into Web-Series on Cyber-Stalking

“You have one new follower” never sounded more chilling. Shah Rukh Khan’s 1993 thriller Darr, in which he played an obsessed lover, is being updated into a five-part mini-series dealing with cyber-stalking. Y-Films, a division of Darr‘s makers Yash Raj Films, will run the series on their YouTube channel and have released a teaser.

Kiran, the object of Shah Rukh Khan’s obsession in the film, and Sunil, the man she actually loves, will both appear on Darr 2.0 but the teaser features only Rahul, face not shown, who lurks in a darkened room snipping and editing photos of women from their Facebook pages. SRK’s iconic dialogue “I love you K…K…K…Kiran,” and the song Jadoo Teri Nazar play in the background.

Darr 2.0 hasn’t been cast yet and the multitude of photos used in the teaser are of Yash Raj’s followers and subscribers

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Meet Monero, the Currency Dark Net Dealers Hope Is More Anonymous Than Bitcoin

Not even bitcoin is anonymous enough for some criminals on the dark net.

For years, the cryptocurrency has been the payment method of choice for people buying and selling drugs and other illegal items on the dark net. But it presents a double bind: bitcoin is pseudonymous, allowing folks to buy meth with a degree of privacy, but it’s also set up so that every transaction is traceable on a public ledger called the blockchain—not exactly ideal if you never, ever, ever want anybody finding out about your online habit.

Now, there’s an alternative. On Monday, AlphaBay—the largest online market for drugs and other unsavoury items like fraud tools—announced on Reddit that the platform is adding support for an ostensibly super-anonymous cryptocurrency called Monero starting on September 1st, citing its “security features.”

Read More: Bitcoin Isn’t the Criminal Safe Haven People Think It Is

So, what is

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Lab to rein in cyber crime set up in Belapur – Times of India

George Mendonca | TNN | Aug 15, 2016, 10.26 PM IST

NAVI MUMBAI: A cyber-crime laboratory has been started at the office of the Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner in Belapur.

This comes as per directive of CM Devendra Fadnavis to the home department to set up cyber-crime laboratories across the state.

The lab will aid in investigation of cyber crime cases registered at police stations in the city.

The facility to obtain technical evidence related to e-mail hacking, call data records among others will now be available at the lab.

Dilip Sawant, DCP (crime), said, “The purposes of lab are collection of digital evidence and facilitation in investigation of the crime. We had to depend on the Kalina forensic science lab for obtaining details of technical evidence in cyber crimes. With the cyber lab in our jurisdiction, the report will be immediately available now. We will be

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Around 16 Zero-Days Added to Dark Web Marketplaces Each Month

A group of ten researchers from Arizona State University created a system that automatically scans and detects hacking-related products added to Dark and Deep Web marketplaces and hacking forums.

The researchers analyzed data from 27 marketplaces and 21 hacking forums, accessed via Tor (Dark Web) or via hidden websites on the open Internet (also called the Deep Web).

They created a system that automatically scrapes and watches these sites and uses 25 percent human input to train a machine-learning algorithm to classify collected data.

Based on the system they created, researchers say they found interesting details about a number of hacking tools added to these marketplaces, the overall exploit trends, and the marketplace presence of the hacking underworld’s most active users.

305 new cyber-threats created each week

Their study has revealed that, during a four-week period, crooks added 16 zero-day exploits to online marketplaces. Let us

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The murkiest denziens of the dark net – and how to escape their grasp

It wasn’t actually O2’s fault. It looks like those user names and passwords were stolen from the gaming website XSplit three years ago. Because we’re all pretty lazy, hackers tried them on different websites, including O2. When they matched, hackers then accessed that user’s O2 account and pulled out dates of birth, phone numbers and so on. This game of snap is known as ‘credential stuffing’.

You have been warned – the trade in stolen data is going to get worse before it gets better. It’s a highly professional industry. In the last few months alone the following have been reported:

That TalkTalk hack from a while back? Also being sold

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FBI accused Olga Komova of being a key player in mega-cyber crime scam

A glamorous hotel worker is accused of leading a secret double life and being a key player in a £21.5million cyber scam to defraud US and British bank customers.

Olga Komova used her job in a sumptuous four-star Thailand holiday spa resort as cover for her sinister role in an international money laundering ring, it is alleged.

Known as a ‘charming’ guest relations manager with a love of frolicking on Koh Chang island’s tropical beaches, Komova, 25, stole huge sums from innocent westerners in a Russian-run criminal scheme, say the US authorities.

Thai police arrested the multilingual Komova and a Russian associate Dmitry Ukrainsky, 44, last month on an FBI demand for the pair’s extradition to face justice in the United States. 

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