The P&L sheet of a professional cyber criminal

The traditional view of a lone hacker in a basement trying to get into your business is an outdated one. Cyber criminal gangs are effectively professional businesses, and that’s how we need to think of them.

That was the message from Jamie Johnson – Global technical account manager at Symantec – during a talk at Fujitsu Forum in Munich earlier this week, where he emphasised how the mindset of the security professional needs to change.   

“What we’re seeing is our adversaries are starting to get more professional,” he said. “They have moved from being a start-up business into much more of a growth business and they’re starting to target certain industries. You’re seeing the bad guys verticalise.

“The reality is that our cyber adversaries really are professional hackers. These are educated, talented individuals.”

The modern way to think about cyber criminals, Johnson suggested, is through a PL sheet as you would

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