His massive ‘sextortion’ scheme snared 155 boys. Now, he’s going to prison for decades.

The Midwestern teenager was 15 years old when a modeling agency manager calling herself Courtney Jansgen reached out to him on social media with an enticing offer. Send me nude photos, the attractive woman said, and I’ll get you a $1,000 modeling gig.

The teenager obliged.

It was only after it was too late that he learned the truth about his would-be employer: Courtney Jansgen was in fact Anton Martynenko, a man twice his age from Eagan, Minn., preying on his adolescent impulses.

In subsequent message, Martynenko offered the teenager $300 to perform oral sex. When he refused, the nude images “spread like wildfire” on social media, as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which covered statements the teen made in court Tuesday.

The ordeal happened in 2012, and the teen was just one victim in a massive “sextortion” scheme prosecutors are calling the Read more at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/11/30/his-massive-sextortion-scheme-snared-155-teen-boys-now-hes-going-to-prison-for-decades/