Man charged with threatening, cyber stalking estranged wife

BATON ROUGE – Police say a Baton Rouge man was arrested after he allegedly stalked and threatened his estranged wife in September.

Baton Rouge Police charged 41-year-old Letrois Danvet Watson with simple assault and cyber stalking Thursday.

According to arrest documents, Watson’s wife, a CATS bus driver, was driving her bus route on Sept. 10 when Watson began following the bus and using his car horn. The victim told police that Watson continued to follow the bus and yelled for her to pull over. She refused his demand until she was forced to stop due to the flow of traffic.

The victim said Watson then approached the bus and made threats to her before leaving the scene.

On Sept. 27, the victim confirmed her original statement to detectives. During an interview, she said that Watson was upset because she did not answer his calls and he did not know where she lives.

The victim said

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