After takedown, are Avalanche and its malware families buried?

To some degree, international officials appear to have impacted the cybercrime landscape – if only temporarily – after chasing down five individuals behind the Avalanche malware botnet operation.

Global authorities’ takedown of Avalanche, a cybercriminal network whose malware and money laundering campaigns are estimated to have cost victims in over 180 countries hundreds of millions of dollars, was an achievement four years in the making – and yet the saga is far from over.

International law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity experts will now monitor the criminal underground to determine just how much this takedown effectively crushed Avalanche and to what extent it curtailed the spread of the 20 malware families allegedly propagated by the group’s giant bot network.

At first glance, it certainly appears that the operation significantly crippled the Avalanche network’s capabilities. Wednesday’s surprise operation seized, sinkholed or blocked 800,000 malicious domains and took offline as many as 221 offending servers.

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