Film Review: “Anonymous”

 Courtesy of Skylight Picture Works

Courtesy of Skylight Picture Works

As “Anonymous” follows Alex Danyliuk, a young rebel hacker as portrayed by Callan McAuliffe, it stumbles every step of the way.

In the movie, Danyliuk is the son of Ukrainian parents who migrated to Canada when Danyliuk was just a boy. When his laborious mother is laid off from her job at the local bank, Danyliuk vows to his mother that he will be the one to see his family through the rough times. Little does Danyliuk’s mother know, he is paying the bills with stolen cash.

However, his promise to provide for his family, which was somewhat morally justified, is quickly demonized by the fact that he forgets all about why he started hacking in the first place. The hacking enterprise becomes so lucrative that Danyliuk eventually turns cyber-stealing

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