Raids by International Law-Enforcement Confiscate C&C Infrastructures, Sinkhole 830000 Domains

A global syndicate of security companies and agencies of law-enforcement within one coordinated effort has dismantled a botnet that for most years during the current decade carried out phishing scams while served no less than seventeen distinct malware families thereby victimizing innumerable people. Officials of law enforcement confiscated command-and-control (CC) infrastructures while acquired hold over 800,000+ Web-domains, which the botnet known as “Avalanche” used within its operations starting late 2009 if not earlier.

The syndicate comprising USA’s Office of Attorney in-charge of the Pennsylvania district in the west, the Pittsburgh Division of Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the U.S Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Unit, together with the Office of Public Prosecutor, Verden, Germany’s Lunenburg Police, The Hague, Holland situated Eurojust and Europol, as well as prosecutors and investigators from over 40 nations, worked closely in the dismantling operation, officials of the Justice Department stated.

Meanwhile according

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