Judge Releases Avalanche Network Leader, Despite Police Shootout

Gennady Kapkanova
Gennady Kapkanov [Source:Ukrainian National Police]

A judge in the city of Poltava, Ukraine, has released the alleged leader of the Avalanche malware distribution network, despite the fact the crook was involved in a shootout with the local police special forces that came to arrest him.

The suspect is a 33-years-old man named Gennady Kapkanov, and according to several Ukrainian news agencies, authorities suspected him of being the leader of an international malware distribution network nicknamed “Avalanche.”

Kapkanov put up a fight

On November 30, as part of an international takedown operation, the Ukrainian National Police went to Kapkanov’s home in Poltava with a search and arrest warrant.

Police officers from the KORD special forces unit were greeted with gunshots, with at least one bullet piercing the crook’s door, shot from either a Kalashnikov or a pistol found inside Kapkanov’s home.

The KORD unit fired back, and

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