Cyber-Security – The Crime Is Not Being Prepared

A lack of awareness is fueling the surge in cyber crime but there are pragmatic steps that organizations can take.

Tucked away in an office block in central London is a room dedicated to finding flaws in organizations’ cyber defenses. Many such rooms exist. It’s just that few are operated by the good guys.

On the wall, a large screen illustrates the main computer viruses and where in the world they are currently wreaking havoc. Another offers a glimpse into the dark web – the hidden realm of the internet that most people aren’t aware even exists – and displays messages from a chat-room where anonymous hackers congregate to boast about their attacks.

Facilities like this are increasingly important because the stakes are so high. In the Sony PlayStation hack of 2011,[1] some 77 million user accounts were compromised. Yet even this was eclipsed by an attack on Yahoo,[2] which lost personal data

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