Film about sexual assault, cyber-bullying and suicide will be shown …

Wednesday evening, Dec. 14, the Saugerties school district will host a public screening of “Audrie Daisy,” a documentary produced by Netflix which links the topics of sexual assault, cyber-bullying and suicide. School officials say it is important for parents and students to be aware of all three.

The film explores the impact of the sexual assault and subsequent cyberbullying of two teenage girls on opposite sides of the country on their families, schools and communities. The filmmakers realized during screenings of the film that the subject lent itself well to public discourse in school communities about sexual assault and the widening role social media sometimes has in further marginalizing its victims.

According to Saugerties High School principal Thomas Averill, the school was contacted by the filmmakers. The information was reviewed with assistant principal Ginger Vail. The school decided a public screening might fit in

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