Talk of the Town: Cyber-Bullying, And an App Law Enforcement Likes

naplesQ. We can send a man to the moon but law enforcement can’t trace an app that resulted in the bullying and suicide of a young woman?!  Is this true that the bullying cannot be stopped unless the other person takes real action?  What does our own sheriff’s department have to say about our teen’s phones and these apps and what we as parents can do to protect them?  What about this happening on Facebook as well? Are there any tips they can provide and what we should do/report to?  We’d be grateful for any information.  Linda, Naples

Here is the link to the story Linda is referring to that happened in Texas last week.

A. Lt. Brian Brennan with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Youth Relations Bureau gives us all some great advice and information.

“For today’s youth, the smartphone is

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