Check cyber crime: As India goes digital fast, its vulnerabilities also grow at a worrying pace

The hacking of the social media accounts of Rahul Gandhi, Vijay Mallya, Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar within just a few days draws attention to larger cyber vulnerability in India. With demonetisation pushing Indians to adopt e-platforms at great pace, this vulnerability is also growing fast. Government must show that it takes cybercrimes as seriously as digitising India, which means not just passing tough laws but also implementing them strictly. Pursue and punish the criminals whether it is the hacking of a Twitter account or digital fraud of a few hundred rupees. Don’t be complacent about the ‘minor’ infractions because that will embolden ‘major’ security breaches.

This October as many as 3.2 million Indian debit cards were reported to have been compromised in a big breach of financial data. Even as that investigation continues, demonetisation has sent e-banking and e-wallets on the up and up with inadequate digital literacy to cope

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