Popcorn Time computer virus can only be cured if you agree to infect TWO friends

COLD-HEARTED hackers have created a fiendish new computer virus which can only be beaten by paying a ransom or infecting two of your friends.

Digital crime-fighters have sounded the alarm about a new piece of “ransomware” called Popcorn Time.

Hacker typing on a laptop

This virulent cyber-superbug infects a victim’s computer and encrypts all the files on their hard drive, meaning they are impossible to access.

People who’ve been infected can either pay a ransom using the digital currency bitcoin or opt to infect two other people.

It appears the virus is designed to capitalise on the popularity of an app called Popcorn Time, which was described as the “Netflix for pirated movies”.

Although the two are not linked, it is believed cyber-crims may be trying to use the familiar app’s brand identity to lure innocent victims into downloading the virus.

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