TalkTalk hacker who blackmailed company chief during year-long cyber crime spree faces jail

A teenager involved in the £42million TalkTalk data hack is facing jail after admitting a year-long cyber crime spree.

Daniel Kelley, a 19-year-old student, used a loophole in TalkTalk security software to blackmail chief executive Dido Harding and others at the company for 465 Bitcoins, worth around £285,000 at today’s rate.

Police said that Kelley played a “focal” role in the TalkTalk hacking last October as part of a year-long cyber crime spree, before he was caught.

Officers tracked down his online persona to his real-world identity through investigations into the blackmail emails sent to TalkTalk staff.

After identifying him, officers found he was already on bail for other cyber crime.

At an Old Bailey hearing, Kelley, pleaded guilty to 11 charges of hacking, blackmail, fraud and money laundering.

Prosecutor Robert Davies said the defendant had also hacked into the

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