Cyber Trumps Physical Crime in Consumer Fears

Consumers are more worried about cybercrime than physical world crime, new research has revealed. 

A report from Sophos shows that 63% worry about financial loss due to a computer breach, while 61% are worried about hackers taking over their computer to send spam and malware campaigns to their contacts. Another 58% are worried about hackers rendering their computer useless.

By contrast, 46% worry about their car being stolen or broken into or about physical assault, 52% worry about their home being robbed, and 56% of those surveyed worry about terrorism.

“People understand how to protect their home or car—they feel they’ve got the physical world covered. Whereas cybercriminals are invisible and the virtual crime world is unpredictable and complicated, especially when it comes to cyber threats like phishing and ransomware,” said John Shaw, vice president, Enduser Security Group, Sophos. “Attacks today usually start from legitimate websites that have been hacked—unbeknownst to

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