Simon Smith Cyber Forensic Private Investigator says Australia is in Dark Waters


Australia has serious Cyber-security issues and Yahoo just explained some of them

Simon Smith aka eVestigator is a popular Computer Forensics Private Investigator and Cyber Expert. He is known for solving complex cyber-crimes and cyber-stalking cases and high-tech cases that the police have or will not touch. After he first reported about the unbelievable Cyber-security event of 500 million Yahoo accounts being “brought out in the open” here, not only 6 months later – we learn that there are more secrets that Yahoo have not told their customers.

“You have got to be kidding me”, Mr. Smith said. “After all of my cyber-stalking, identity theft, cyber-crime, cyber-scam victims, account hacking information like this could have come in handy knowing it was ‘out there’. It could have saved teenage lives with cyber-bullying suicides on the rise, it could have saved people their entire life savings, I’m speechless.”


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