Skype Sex ‘Sextortion’ Scam Prompts Comedian To Release PSA, Sort Of

When an attractive women asked comedian Joel Dommett to join her in an intimate Skype video chat, Dommett thought it was his lucky day.

Of course, when something seems too good to be true it often is.

But that didn’t stop Dommett from engaging in what is commonly referred to as “Skype sex” with the woman he had just met online. His Skype partner, however, had a very different idea of where their relationship was headed.

The woman — or man for all Dommett knows — recorded the entire Skype encounter and then attempted to blackmail Dommett by threatening to release the video to the media if he did not pay a ransom to have it deleted, according to a report from Upworthy.

It’s a common scam that all too many victims fall prey to, making it a lucrative business for those perpetrating Skype sex scams, according to a report from the New

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