House buyers in Ireland are being targeted by cunning criminals in a …

HOUSE buyers across Ireland are being targeted by ­cunning criminals in a major scam, the Irish Sun can reveal.

Investigators from the Gardai’s Cyber Crime Bureau launched a probe last week after discovering property deals here were being compromised by organised fraud gangs.

Invoice Redirect costs the world 2.3 billion every year
Invoice Redirect costs the world €2.3 billion every year

Known as Invoice Redirect and CEO fraud, the crime, which costs the global economy €2.3billion annually, has already cost Irish companies €20million to date.

But in the latest trend, the online schemers are gaining access to the email accounts of buyers, sellers and solicitors in house moves. Once obtained, they pose as the seller or solicitor before asking the buyer to transfer funds to their account.

As part of their plan, the con ­artists also dupe their victims by hacking legitimate emails

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