Symantec helps in busting ‘Bayrob’ cyber crime gang


Three men were arrested in Romania and extradited to the US over several online frauds amounting to $35m.

Symantec has helped in busting a cybercriminal gang called ‘Bayrob’ in Romania which duped $35m in fraud operation.

The company claimed that its intelligence over the years has led to the successful sting operation and arrest of the three criminals by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Romania.

This group is said to be responsible for stealing up to $35m from several people through automobile auction scams, credit card fraud and computer intrusion. The arrested men include Bogdan Nicolescu, Danet Tiberiu and Radu Miclaus.

Symantec further claims that the suspects are career cybercriminals, who have defrauded many people online to earn money. These suspects, it says, can go to great heights to convince and dupe their victims by creating fake websites, voice messages and even customer support chat rooms.

The gang started running elaborate cons

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