Cyber crime more sophisticated – putting on a top hat, white tie and tails

100% protection against today’s cyber threats is a pipe dream so it is more about how we survive cyber attacks – cyber resilience is the name of the game.

Building cyber resilience is a strategy that layers state-of-the-art preventative systems, point-in-time recovery measures, and a means to maintain continuity during an attack. A good strategy can make a significant difference in fending off the myriad of sophisticated threats. No one can predict all the attacks coming but they can build in cyber resilience and learn from what has already happened.

iTWire asked Peter Bauer CEO and co-founder of Mimecast, a major cloud email provider, and as such part of cyber crime’s main attack vector, phishing, to share his insights into tomorrow’s cyber attacks and how organisations can be prepared.

Although we may not know all the answers of what’s to come, based on what we’ve seen over the year here are

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