Christmas Time Is (Cyber) Crime Time

There’s plenty of threats to worry about when it comes to shopping at stores on on-line this Christmas.

An alert from Vulcan’s Dave Swan, Director of the Cyber Intelligence Defence Centre and Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science, says “Point of Sale” systems are particularly vulnerable right now.

“They’re looking at anybody who’s got a “POS” system. And the attacks have shifted from the larger stores, the box stores, to smaller retailers, because the attackers believe there’s less security and the attacks will go undetected.”

He says there’s plenty of fraud scams and computer attacks going on right now as well, pointing out several of those items you see “for sale” on your Facebook feed are likely scams.

Here’s what Swan has to say in a release:

At risk of being called a party-pooper, or something worse, there are three important warnings that security managers need to keep in mind over the Christmas holidays.


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