Guest post: Beware of cyber crime!

As statistics show, the cyber security threat landscape has continued to grow and become ever more complex, businesses of all types should make 2017 the year when they leave behind the “it won’t happen to us” school of thought and resolve to take action to protect themselves against the cybercriminal.

High profile breaches and hacking attacks such as those suffered by TalkTalk, Mumsnet and Tesco Bank make the headlines, however, too many small businesses in the south west have fallen victim to various cyber threats – losing data, losing money and suffering disruption.

Why will my business be a target?

Forget the Hollywood image of the 15-year old hacker sitting in his bedroom writing malicious code for kicks. Cyber crime pays and cyber criminals are a clever, market aware and fast growing community.

It takes great effort and skill to carry out attacks on the ‘big names’ and yes, a successful attack can bring

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