New ransomware could turn you into a jerk…

Article By: Megan Ellis


Ransomware has taken an even more devious turn, with one new malicious program requiring you to infect your friends’ devices to get your data back.

In terms of malware, ransomware has been the buzz word for 2016 – with infections rising to record rates.

This type of malicious software encrypts your data, forcing you to pay a ransom in order to get the decryption key.

However a new program called Popcorn Time (not related to the streaming site), gives the victim the option to recover their data by infecting two other users, according to the McAfee blog Securing Tomorrow. These users will need to pay their ransoms in order for your own data to be unlocked.

Ransomware doesn’t ask for a few dollars – the ransom is usually one BitCoin, which is valued at $772 according to

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