The spy in cyberspace

Don’t you become alert when your child goes near a pan of boiling water? The child also exercises caution because you would have warned him/her about possible injuries. But when you lovingly gift your child a mobile phone, tablet, desk top or iPad, do you have a similar conversation about the dangers lurking in cyberspace?

“No,” is Dhanya Menon’s vehement answer. Parents only worry about damage to the expensive gadget. “They rarely guide or monitor their child’s Internet or cell phone activity,” she declares. Dhanya’s vehemence is bolstered by her 15 years of experience as a cybercrime investigator. While some people are a bit concerned about the risks, thanks to some awareness building, she say that they are not doing anything to solve the problem.

“Even educators are not aware of the risks,” says Dhanya, herself the mother of a 16-year-old boy. “Then why do we give this atom bomb

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