Tribal areas in Jharkhand turning cyber crime hubs; cases of phishing attacks on the rise

As you stand in a long queue to deposit money in the bank, cyber criminals in a small district of Jharkhand are busy siphoning your money by making phone calls posing as bankers.

According to cyber experts, cases of phishing attacks have gone up since the government’s demonetisation drive. The tribal-dominated Jamtara in Jharkhand has turned out to be notorious for cyber crime cases and a large number of youths in the district are found to be involved in such crimes.

Cyber detectives said 90 per cent of transaction related fraud calls made across the country are traced back to Jamtara. It has now evolved as the biggest centre of organised cyber crime in India, said a cyber security official.


Ballabh Singh of Adarsh Nagar in Delhi became a recent victim of such fraud when he lost Rs 16,000 after receiving a call from a man who

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