Delhi fails to police cyber crime – Times of India

Raj Shekhar | TNN | Updated: Dec 26, 2016, 02.49 AM IST

NEW DELHI: When high-profile websites are hacked into, they make news. But there are hundreds of such acts that escape public attention, leaving in their wake financial and social ruin. But Delhi Police, while registering cases for computer-related offences and for online posting of sexually offensive content, often finds itself hard-pressed to prove these crimes in court.

Last year, Delhi Police registered 77 FIRs under the Information Technology Act, but could make arrests and file charge sheets in only half the cases. Of the 16 cases filed for publishing of sexually offensive content, charge sheets were filed in just four cases and three arrests were made. In 2014, the record was poorer. That year, the police could not file a single charge sheet in the cases on posting of sexually offensive content.


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