‘Demonetisation opens up new gates for cyber criminals to exploit …

MUMBAI: IT security and software development firm eScan said demonetisation has opened up new gates for cyber criminals to exploit the unsuspecting and uneducated masses who are increasingly using mobile and unified payment options, highlighting the need for higher levels of data security.

eScan listed out the possible avenues of cyber crime in 2017 and said the sudden switch to digital payment platforms is seeing more than 85% not knowing how to safely use this new option, coupled with a lack of legal framework and speed of investigation.

“We believe it will be a herculean task to give 75% of Indians easy access to Internet. For the government’s vision of Digital India, it would be imperative that government bodies take IT security as one of the most urgent and immediate concerns. It will be addressed by setting up easy-tounderstand legal framework for users and

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