Crime: Sextortion Cases in Portage County

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) – An increasing number of sexting or sextortion cases have been reported to the Portage County Sheriff’s Department.

“It is usually on a daily or weekly basis that we get sexting and sextortion complaints online of people being extorted. It usually involves teens or juveniles,” Detective Travis Morgan said.

Sexual predators often friend children on social media sites and then groom them.

“They will listen to their problems and then ask for a revealing photo. The photos eventually will include partial nudity and when the child refuses to send more of them the predator threatens to send the photos they already have to the child’s parents, family or friends,” Morgan said.

Morgan advises parents be aware of how their teens and tweens use media devices, such as cell phones.

“The best advice I can give parents is to be aware of what pictures your children are looking at, what social networking sites

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