Four New Normals for 2017

Let’s not talk about cybersecurity predictions for 2017. Let’s talk instead about new normals, things that have ceased to be novel because, well, they happen all the time and everywhere.

Let’s concede that things such as greedy ransomware, imposing IOT botnets, high-profile bug bounties and bug-buying-and-selling governments aren’t going away. They can’t be fixed; won’t be swayed; are part of the landscape; insert your favorite cliché here.

New normals.

All four dominated 2016 in some form, and each entrenched itself in your risk assessments, defensive strategies and budget decisions. In fact, we’re just about at the point where each fails to qualify as news, just like old-school viruses, data breaches and spam. They’re just there.


Why didn’t anyone think of this 10 years ago? Slammer, Conficker and every other worm in the early 2000s put everyone on edge, but exactly how much money were hackers making with worms that clog up SQL Servers?

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