US Ejects 35 Russian Diplomats in Response to Election Hacks

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In a statement issued yesterday by the White House, President Barack Obama has ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats in response to multiple hacking incidents that took place during the recent US Presidential Election.

The White House labeled 35 Russian diplomats as intelligence operatives and expects them to leave the US in 72 hours.

FBI DHS report blame Russia’s FSB, GRU services

Furthermore, a joint report released by the FBI and DHS openly accuses Russia of tampering with the US election process, albeit not hacking the actual voting machines.

The report, released at the same time with the White House expulsion order, contains recently declassified information that details the mode of operation and tools used by two Russian cyber-espionage groups APT28 and APT29.

These are the same entities that CrowdStrike named in previous reports and which it

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