Biggest Cyber Gaming Crimes Of The Year In 2016 –

Gaming Cybercrime 2016

The code for the Mirai botnet was posted publicly online in October, giving hackers access to the most powerful DDoS virus ever recorded. (Image:

The online gambling industry has been a target for cyber criminals since the early days of the industry. The reliance of sports books on major sporting events for a major chunk of their revenues gives hackers a handy roadmap for extortion.

Take down a bookmaker’s site during the soccer World Cup, for example, or during the biggest race meet of the year, and the chances are it will pay a ransom demand if its internal security team or the company that hosts its servers can’t repel the attack.

Hackers generally use distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) to disrupt the services of online gambling sites. DDoS attacks flood a targeted website with thousands of meaningless requests

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