Buster Hernandez

The FBI identified and nabbed a suspected cybercriminal who maintained anonymity for more than a year and a half by sending him a booby-trapped video file, federal prosecutors explained in newly unsealed court filings.

The recent arrest of accused sextortionist Buster Hernandez, a 26-year-old from southern California, was made possible in part by the use of a Network Investigative Technique (“NIT”), a blanket term used by the FBI to describe the lawful use of malware, exploits and various hacking tactics against a criminal target, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Monday in Indianapolis federal court.

Mr. Hernandez was arrested earlier this month in Bakersfield and has been charged in connection with a cybercrime spree that started as early as December 2015 and targeted multiple underage victims throughout the country, the Justice Department said in a statement Monday.

Using a pseudonym, “Brian Kil,” Mr. Hernandez allegedly solicited sexually explicit material from at

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