Chandigarh stalking opens Capital’s old wounds

The Chandigarh stalking incident involving the son of a BJP leader has triggered national outcry over an offence that Delhi is notorious for, so much so that even Union Minister Smriti Irani’s car was chased down in Moti Bagh earlier this year.

Official data on the number of stalking cases across the country in the last three years puts Delhi in the second position, the first being a much bigger and populous State of Maharashtra. And then there are instances of continuous stalking or lack of police action in such cases that have ended in one or more deaths. Early last year, some stalkers forcibly entered the house of a minor girl in Gandhi Nagar and raped and murdered her. They even tried to burn her body.

A few months later, a woman in Inderpuri was murdered by a man who had been stalking her. Her family alleged that they had lodged

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