How FBI cyber investigations handle obfuscation techniques

Cyber investigations may require different skills than traditional cases, but the FBI says it can overcome obfuscation techniques and other evasion methods in order to catch the right suspect.

SearchSecurity sat down with David West, assistant section chief of the FBI’s Cyber Division, operational section four, at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas to talk about how the FBI performs cyber investigations.

Part 1, covering the legal framework, incident notification processing and meeting the burden of proof, can be found here.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Can you discuss how the FBI works with security companies who also do these types of cyber investigations?

David West: We realize that the victims are a source of information. We realize that there are corporations out there that specialize in, for business reasons, looking at this information. We will use them for lead purposes.

But, again, if you

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