The Dark Web and Sextortion: The FBI Says They Can Help If You’re Targeted

INDIANAPOLIS–The “dark web” is indeed a dark place. It’s used to traffic drugs, child pornography, and earlier this week a man was accused of trying to sell a woman in Europe, on the “dark web”. 

The dangers of anonymity

You’re being warned about the dangers of people who are using the anonymity of the “dark web” for sextortion, which is what the feds say Buster Hernandez, of Bakersfield, California, did to teenage girls in Indiana, before threatening to blow up Plainfield High School and a shopping mall.

“When you use this, when you access it, you can communicate, make it practically impossible for anyone to identify your IP address,” said Jay Abbott, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Indianapolis. Your IP address is a series of numbers that your computer is assigned when you’re on the web, that can show people where you are. Authorities use IP addresses to catch

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