Cyber ‘soldiers’ to unleash ransomware on Pak sites

This Independence day it will be a full-fledged war between India and Pakistan but on the cyber world between the hackers of the two countries. Indian techies claim that they would not restrict to defacing Pakistani websites but will hijack their network and infect with ransomware. Active Indian hackers who have been attacking Pak network told Mail Today that they will be attempting to crash over a thousand Pak sites, including their government and critical infrastructure portals.

A result of which on August 3, an anonymous India hacker defaced Pakistan government website to celebrate I-Day. Desi hacker Ne0-h4ck3r posted Indian national anthem and Independence Day greetings.

Now, other underground groups claim they will take down as many sites possible. Cyber crime experts claims that India-Pakistan hacking is almost ritualistic attacks, every year as underground hacking communities from both the countries launch cyber attacks on each other around this time

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