New Sarahah App Leads To Cyber Bullying And Ego Boosting

Sexy man in bed shirtless abs

Sexy man in bed shirtless abs

An App That’s Too Honest?

There’s a new app out there that’s paving the way for bullying.

A couple days ago, I was on Facebook just scrolling down and passing the time. A friend of mine posted a picture of a speech bubble and inside that was essentially the digital version of hatemail.

With her being an artist the message essentially summed up to saying that she was a hack with no talent or future.

At the time, I dind’t understand what the message was but knowning that she had a web comic I assumed it was from some hater who read her content.

Turns out, it was someone she knew.

Yes, there’s a new app out there that was released a little less than a year ago but has now

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