Cyberbullying on the increase against children and women

When it comes to online safety, the internet is becoming a nastier and scarier place for many people, especially for women and children.

The list of crimes committed against women and children keeps growing and points out a problem that didn’t get much attention when society rushed to embrace the modern internet and its many technological wonders.

And New Brunswick has seen some of the worst examples in North America and maybe even globally of the dark side of the internet.

In the spring, we had an absolutely vicious, targeted campaign against a University of Moncton student that remains to this day one of the worst cases I’ve seen anywhere in North America of such a sustained and hateful effort. 

The province also has the dubious distinction of having one of the largest cases in Canada where someone was caught exploiting thousands of children online: the case of a then-26-year-old man in Moncton, who police

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