Feds cracking down on adults using ‘sextortion’ to force kids into sending nude photos

Robert Dion Ables knew how to sound like a teenage girl.

That, a smartphone and a social media app was all he needed to trick a 14-year-old Canadian girl into sending him sexually explicit photos of herself.

If she refused to send more, Ables told the girl, he would post her photos on her Facebook page.

Such ‘sextortion’ is a disturbing cybercrime, and the Justice Department has called it “by far” the most significant growing threat to children.

A federal judge gave Ables, of Hutchins, a sentence of 80 years in prison in July. At least two other North Texas men have recently been convicted of sextortion-related crimes in federal court. A fourth man, from Dallas, used a similar extortion scheme to victimize his classmates at the University of Texas at Dallas.

In most cases, the blackmailers pose as children on social media sites or a messaging app like Kik. The local cases, like others nationwide, have

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