Ministers unveil new cyber bullying crackdown – but Facebook and Twitter won’t be forced to sign up

A new crackdown on cyber bullying and web trolling is unveiled today – but web giants will not be forced to sign up.

Firms like Twitter and Facebook will be asked to stump up for an industry-wide levy and code of practice to help tackle online harassment, ministers revealed.

But Whitehall sources admitted it will be voluntary and the social media companies will not have to take part.

The Government has repeatedly threatened to impose tough new curbs in a bid to force the websites to clamp down on rogue users who exploit the web to spread hate and inflict misery.

But, in a victory for web firms which insist they are already taking action, ministers have backed away from making the levy and code of conduct mandatory.

Instead, an annual internet safety report will be published outlining web giants’ success in combating abusive and harmful content, under plans set out in today’s Internet Safety

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