Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame held ransom by online scammers

Not by someone he knows, but by a computer virus that has corrupted thousands of photos, documents and banking information stored on the computer at the hall.

“I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do,” he said, adding it all happened suddenly two months ago when he received a message on the computer after trying to access a file.

He called a few tech people who volunteer with the sports hall of fame, as well as the RCMP, to see if they could help unlock the files, but the news just got worse.

Trenholm was told the problem was  ransomware, where scammers demand money for unlocking files it has corrupted. The starting price for the files was $500 and, if he didn’t pay within five days, the price would go up to $1,000.  

“We couldn’t do that,” he said, adding that, because the ransom had to be paid in Bitcoin, it was

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